Air Freight

As a global leader in air consolidation and forwarding, we provide customer-specific airfreight programs to shippers of all sizes. We understand that air freight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication, combined with the ability to seize cost saving opportunities.
As an IATA agent for all major airlines, we provide a complete package of air logistics services through our global network of experienced professionals and state of the art tracking technology.

Global Services
• Airline insurance
• Arranging inland transportation and local drayage to gateway airports
• Communication of shipment status throughout the transportation chain
• Export packaging and labeling
• Proper preparation of export documentation
Air Freight Products & Services
• Airport to airport
The shipper brings all goods directly to our dock and we transport the shipment to any customs airport worldwide. We notify local consignee at destination city and provide you with a Proof-of-Arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination port.
• Airport to door
• Charters
• Consolidation
Time Definite, Small Package, Oversized and Expedited / First Flight Out services available
• Dangerous Goods Handling
• Direct IATA
• Door to airport
Door-to-Airport: We collect your shipment and will deliver to any customs airport worldwide. We notify consignee upon arrival at the local airport and also provide Proof-of-Arrival notification to you. 
• Door to door
 We collect your shipment and deliver directly to your consignee (includes Customs Clearance) at the final destination.
• Free Domicile
• Sea + Air
• Hand Carry / Courier Services arrangements to many destinations
• Storing all kinds of Petroleum and Petrochemical materials, pipes, Explosive, Dangerous, and Radio Active Products.
• Distributing all kinds of dangerous & non- dangerous materials to any location inside Egypt, as we have the special trailers, trucks, wenches (fixed & movable) to execute this kind of business.
• Off-loading and handling the above mentioned materials, in addition to the units of an irregular dimension and heavy weights.
• Our efficient stuff & custom clearance crew has the experience to deal with these kinds of shipments.
Green Line International provides air cargo services to every major continent in the world including North America, Latin and South America, the Far and Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa.

Our charter expertise allows customers to have a viable alternative to scheduled airline lift. Fancy's' Air Charter program provides customized solutions when commercial airline capacity alone will not adequately service your special requirements.

Through Green Line International Air Consolidation Services, we provide the best transit times available and frequent flight schedules, flexible airline scheduling, competitive rates and cost savings. We also provide shipment tracking and tracing from booking to destination delivery.

Direct IATA
We are an IATA agent for all major airlines assuring responsive service and accurate documentation.

Export Documents
As a company who offers full service capabilities with flexibility, Green Line International can handle all details of your shipments, including documentation, conformance to Customs' regulations, and the air transportation required for exporting your shipments from your door to your overseas customer's door.

Shipments moving on Green Line International service use premium ocean + air carriers and move completely within our global network of offices and are always handled by Green Line International employees from start to finish

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Aviation Authority
Egyptian International Freight forwarding association   International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association   International Air
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